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Westwood Security are pleased to announce we are now offering a solid high speed door which will  operate up to 1000mm per second with soft start and soft closing.

The insulated panels wind around the barrel instead of the traditional sectional door that either goes up and over or up the inside of the wall!

It takes up little space with an innovative spiral system rolls smoothly and tightly around the barrel enabling the door to be controlled at all times.

This will allow one door instead of the traditional internal high speed vinyl door and external security roller shutter!

So in one product speed and security!

Operation is by way of a reliable quality German Guthrie Douglas TS971 type motor.

Safety is by way of a light curtain.

The door panels are 366mm high x 40mm thick insulated panels with micro profile finish. The door panels can have single, double or even tripe glazed panels up to a full width of 4000mm. U value of 1-7 including glazed panels.

The maximum opening sizes are 5000mm wide x 5000mm high offering class 3 – 4 wind resistance.

 Also they can be a mill finish or powder coated to suit and match existing surroundings Rapid Doors, or high speed doors, are an excellent solution for areas experiencing a high volume of works traffic, and are especially effective in environments where high traffic is combined with a need for climate control.

These doors are very popular within the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and incorporate cutting-edge design and technology to provide the best performance possible in workplaces where speed and security are paramount.

Not only are Rapid/High Speed Doors more effective in terms of speed of operation, they are also better able to cope with the type of accidents common in high pressure environments. Instead of taking the full impact of collisions, Rapid – High Speed Doors ‘give’ and then are able to be reset, keeping repair bills to a minimum.

Favourite UK High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

"High Speed Roller Shutter Doors"We also offer a rapid – high speed doors in a more heavy duty industrial twin skin insulated door, suitable for frequent use.

Please feel welcome to contact us over any matter that may occur to you. We are a friendly, approachable company and are more than willing to to help in any way.

  • Rapid action: much faster than standard doors.
  • Climate control: excellent heat retention, keeps dust and vermin out.
  • Tough and resilient: less repairs from impacts, due to tough materials and flexible design.
  • Suitable for workplaces experiencing high volumes of traffic.
  • Many different sizes of openings are catered for.

Various Access Methods

  • Key Switch.
  • Floor Loop.
  • Remote Control.
  • Overhead Beam.
  • Beam Between Posts.
  • Pull Chord

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"High Speed Roller Doors"Westwood Roller Doors are the perfect Security Shutters for Shop Shutters and other commercial applications. We also supply Fire Rated Shutters at competitive prices.

Please note that we manufacture Single and Twin Skin Lath Fire Rated Roller Shutters tested to Exova Fire and Safety BSEN 1634-1 and providing up to 4 Hours of fire resistance. The Double Skin Insulated Lath offers additional heat radiation protection.

Certain types of door can be customised with your own message or Logo as we are able to print onto any High Speed Door product that features a Vinyl Curtain. Please specify this requirement when placing an order of call us for full details.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide clients with a complete range of security options, we are now able to offer Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains. Please call for details.

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West Midlands: 0121 285 0239   |    East Midlands: 0115 824 0036
Scotland: 0141 280 2110

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